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About AFHN

The aim of the Armed Forces Hindu Network is:

"To support the Armed Forces Hindu community, including serving regular and reserve personnel, MoD civil servants, veterans and families, in fulfilling their Service career and personal potentials, empowering them to contribute fully to the benefit of the Service."

​The responsibility for guiding and directing AFHN in pursuit of this aim lies with the Committee, drawn from within the Network membership, assisted by an Advisory Panel, consisting of supporters and sympathisers from various MoD and Armed Forces agencies as well as the wider British Hindu community.  In addition, AFHN liaises with single Service Diversity & Inclusion teams, and offers advice and assistance to Chains of Command on issues affecting Hindu Service personnel.

Celebrating religious festivals, and holding educational and social events, allows AFHN to both showcase the Armed Forces Hindu community, both within the wider Armed Forces and externally, as well as providing regular opportunities for the otherwise geographically diverse Armed Forces Hindu community to come together, meet and share experiences.  Coming events will be publicised through normal Service channels, as well as on this website.

AFHN enjoys excellent working relationships with several other Armed Forces faith groups, such as the Armed Forces Muslim Association and British Armed Forces Sikh Association, and is developing similar relationships with the various other faith groups.  We liaise closely with the respective single Services and relevant Tri-Service agencies, and also have strong links with various sampradayas and other Hindu institutions throughout the UK.

For convenience, links to some useful resources, including Service and Families websites, Hindu organisations, and other Armed Forces faith organisations, are provided - please do let us know if there are any other useful resources that you feel ought to be added here.

Finally, if you would like to get involved in AFHN, or have a question or comment on life as a Hindu in the Armed Forces, please do get in touch using the form on the Contact page.

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